At AGORA, we understand brands are not
built overnight.
They are groomed over time.

Communication isn't about shouting louder or talking
over everyone else in the room. It is all about interaction
and engagement. With a bit of charisma,
brands can connect with their customers at any time,
in any place, on screen or off.

Strategy is at the core of what we do.

It oozes out of everything we create.
Strategy is created from the consumer insights that we
continuously mine. Our strategic foresight is the reason why
clients entrust us with brand guardianship.

It's also what differentiates
us within our industry.
We're not just an
award-winning creative
agency, but a
results-oriented consultancy.

We don't just create
great looking stuff that sells.

We create intricate
brand relationships that
stand the test of time.

Brands interact with people.
Individuals that may be shopping
retail or might be that
high-profile CEO that commands
the budget of your largest
B2B client.

The manner in which a
brand occupies a physical
space directly affects its
relationship with the person
that it is interacting with.

Our approach to environments is creatively scientific.

We apply creativity, insights, and a distinctive strategy
to the space, ensuring that the experience is memorable.

We design space to make the brand personality come to life. A space where
people are drawn to, invited in not just to buy, but to get to know, share, and
return to. Over and over again.

Brands communicate all the time. Visually.
Verbally. Subliminally. Even the strong, silent
ones hypnotise strong, silent ones. Brand
communications aren’t limited to paid adverts.
They’re not limited to print, web, radio or tv.

Brands communicate like you; through the way they’re
dressed; their tone; their smell; by standing up straight;
looking people in the eye; by the friends they associate
with; where they live; how they live.
Brands are distinct personalities that communicate with people
by living with people.
Consumers invite them into their homes, where they interact
with them, their children and their pets. Businesses invite them to
carry out services, develop products and generate value
Think about your favourite brand
and a distinct image appears.
That picture is indeed worth
a thousand words. Even if you can’t
hear them.
Experiential. Events. Soirée.
Matinée. Day long. All night long.
Experiences are affairs that are
looked forward to.
They are marked in calendars well
in advance.
They are talked about. Hyped. And
yes, experienced.

An experience, by its very
nature, should capture the
imagination of those people
that have been drawn
together by its allure.

The AGORA experiential team creates and delivers imaginative experiences.

We have named, conceptualised, planned, implemented and enjoyed a
plethora of spectacular events ranging from conferences, awards ceremonies,
product launches and press events to partner meetings, exhibitions, installations,
road shows and outdoor events.
Whether by invite-only or for
mass-audience appeal,
we bring brands to life. When they’re
done, people ask for more.
Brand experiences are not complete unless they can be
replicated in the digital sphere. The digital experience should
seamlessly be integrated into the overall brand experience.
That's why we never set out to separate our Digital practice
into another division.
Digital is integrated into the DNA of each person within
AGORA and every process that we do. That's how we help
clients build strong brands that resonate with their customers
while delivering business results.
Our marketing and design capabilities are
underpinned by technological DNA.
Combined with our strategy and design
disciplines, we create memorable experiences
across the ever-evolving digital landscape for
consumers, clients and their employees.
In a time when agencies strive to show how
they are digital agencies, we go out of our
way to show that we are not a digital agency.
We are not a social agency. We are not a
jump-on-the-bandwagon agency. We are
a real agency powered by unrivaled
knowledge from the digital world.
Our fascination with social influence theories
helps create real social marketing that work.
Instead of just using merging media, we create
it by utilising beyond-the-curve technology.
Through the use of analytics, we're able to
gauge user success. And since we're not a
digital agency, when the analytics don't tell us
enough, we get up from our computer screens
and go out into the real world to find out more.
Brands aren’t just born. First they
have to be conceived. In some
cases, genetically modified.
Some need a zen atmosphere
before taking their first breathe.
Others need a smack on the
backside,if not to remember to
breathe then just to feel alive.
Good brands fulfill a particular need,
be it physical, rational, irrational or
They are replaced by the next taker
that does it just a little better.
Great brands are sought and
cherished. They fulfill a want.
A desire. They say something
about you. They are not easily
replaceable, but they can be.
It is a lot more difficult to gain a
new best friend.

At AGORA we believe that good is the new bad.

We all spend enormous amounts of energy helping our clients create
brands that are passionate about their place in society. We believe
that there is no room for a brand without this passion. We don't just
create logos or new products. We shape personalities that,
with a little hard work, will become part of many a family.